My Favorite Foursome!

I love this family!  Their boys are the same ages as my youngest two.  My family came with me to this photo shoot because I knew that my two year old would play well with their two year old.  Oh my goodness, they are such a sweet family and so photogenic! And what a fabulous couple!!!!  Thanks for letting my family spend the evening with you!!!

Bountiful Temple Baptism Pictures

This young lady was so excited for her upcoming baptism!  She is so adorable (as you can see) and was so fun to photograph!  Congratulations on your decision to be baptized!  I know that your life will be truly blessed because of it!

Chase and Alysha

Alysha's Bridals

These were taken a few weeks ago, but I have been unable to post them until now.  Saturday was the big day!  So excited to be a part of it!  Alysha, you and Chase are a beautiful couple!  I wish you much happiness as you begin your life together!

Palmer Family

Nicole and Brian, thanks for a fun evening!  It was so good to visit with you!  You have a beautiful family!

My Family

This year when we did our family pictures, I had planned to shoot at Riverdale Parkway.  Mark and I went for a walk there one night after dinner, only to find out that fire had destroyed over 5 acres of land.  I was devastated!  I love that area.  It is so beautiful and offers so many different looks.  Many of my favorite spots were destroyed, including the bridge.  We are so glad that no houses were damaged and that no one was hurt.  

When it came time for our family photos, we took the tripod and went anyways.  We got some amazing shots.  You can see some of the burnt trees behind my oldest's individual picture.